Princess Room Ruffles Curtain Tutorial

August 30th, 2011

I always wanted to make my sewing room a super girly, that’s why the almost too fancy princess style curtains which is full of lace and ruffles seems like the perfect choice for it. Since we recently move into a new house, I decided to start constructing my own girly pink curtains for my DIY work room. This will sure brighten up my day, no doubt!

Even though my new work room’s wall is not pink anymore ( because we didn’t want to paint it since it is a rental). I have to make it work by making my accessories and decorations all in my favorite color whenever I get a chance. I research a little online and try to find ideas about what I like and dislike before I sketch out my own curtain vision.

I love the search engine because I got tons of wonderful princess style curtain pictures and I was totally inspire by them. After little bit of reading and brain storming, I knew I definitely wanted to incorporate lace or ruffles & bows into my curtain design. After all, those are all my favorite features.

I realized even over time my passion for girly and adorable style is not fading away, not even a little bit actually. So what? I like young colorful beautiful things in my life. We all have different tastes,we should always embrace and believe in the choices we made. Be proud and show the world your point of view even though others might disagree. Life is too short, just be happy.

Anyway, back to what we are creating this time- my baby pink ruffle curtain. All we need to 1 ½ yard of pink cotton fabric (USD $ 3-on sale) and ½ yard of white base polka dot fabric (USD $ 1) as contrasting ruffles and hot pink plaid silky fabric as ruffle dividers (USD $ 0.5) in between. Feel free to add embellishments like matching bows or fancy lace because they will compliment this style very well. I end up leaving them out of this project because I didn’t want to over-do it.

I’m very happy with the look of my final creation. This curtain look amazing in my work room and does it’s job in the same time which is blocking sunlight through out the day. At the end, I couldn’t believe how easy and affordable it is to make your own room decorations. Not to mention you are the boss which give you total control of the outcome and budget.

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Design Sketches:

Here’s a couple basic steps for this DIY curtain:

Step 1: Measure the window / previous curtain size

Step 2: Cut out the fabric

Step 3: Pin down the sides then sew

Step 4: Make a top pocket

Step 5: Prepare & make the white polka dot ruffles

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Step 6: Pin the white ruffle onto the curtain

Step 7: Explore different design options then pick one

Step 8: Make hot pink ruffle with another fabric

Step 9: Pin pink ruffle in between the other

Step 10: Sew all ruffle onto the curtain

Step 11: Make cute bow closure

Step 12: Assemble the whole thing together

Enjoy the end result- Amazing looking princess style girly ruffle curtains

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  1. Mizzy Garcia says:

    this is so pretty i will try this myself once i get my sewing machine fixed : D thanks for sharing this…

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