Polka Dots Nails Tutorial

January 22nd, 2011

Polka dots nails maybe the easiest and most adorable DIY nails that you can ever do. If you have 2 bottles of nail polish, a paper clip and 5 minutes of free time, you can do this.

Polka Dots Nail Design 1

The key thing about this DIY is the color combination. Since the design is so simple, if you want you nails to pop, color choice is extremely important. The rule is simple, choose colors that’s Complementary -two colors opposite one another on the color wheel ( for example: red & green, yellow & purple, blue & orange). You can also mix color with either black or white. Due to the strong contrast, these colors are hard to blend in with the others.

So far, I’ve tried a couple different color combo that seems to work pretty well for this specific style. Here are a couple of examples that works well:

Base:                                                   Dots :

Light Pink                                           White
Light Pink                                           Black
Hot Pink                                              White
Hot Pink                                              Black
Black                                                     White
White                                                    Hot Pink
Hot Pink                                              Silver
Light Purple                                       White


Anyway, use your imagination and don’t be afraid to experiment. You won’t know until you try it. If you need more color ideas, Google polka dots and go to the image results. You will defiantly get inspired. Alright, so much for the basics, let’s get started with the tutorial:

Step 1: Base Coat/ Ridge Filler

Protect your nail before you put anything on. It can protect your nails from the actual polish.

Ulta Ridge Filler Base Coat

Step 2: Apply The Base Color

Choose your base color nail polish and apply onto each nail evenly. If color is not sharp enough, wait until the first coat dry then apply another layer. 2 layers should be the maximum here because it’ll get too hard to dry.

NYC #108 Polyester Pink Creme

Step 3: Add Polka Dots

Choose the contrast color nail polish and pour it out onto a plat surface. For easy clean up i prefer using either paper or plastic wrap as my flat surface. Don’t pour too much nail polish at one time because it’ll dry before you finish. Use the pointy object ( paper clip, toothpick, professional dotting tool or even a dry out old pen- whatever you can get your hands on at home) to dip into the nail polish then transfer it onto your nail. Start from the middle of the nail, then to the sides to get a even and spread out polka dots.

Add Polka Dots Startinf From The MiddleSpace The Dots EvenlyAnd Go Toward The SideThen Do The Same Thing With The Other SideFill The Whole Nail With Dots

[amazon_enhanced asin=”B002VD66RA” show_border=”false” price=”All” background_color=”FFFFFF” link_color=”E632ED” text_color=”0000FF” /]

Step 4: Apply Top Coat For Protection

I am a lazy person so i use to skip this step all the time. But ladies, it is super important to do this step because it can protect your work. With the top coat usually the design can last at least for 2 more days without chipping. Just be careful and don’t drag the top coat for too many time because the any new layer of new polish can dissolve the existing design. Take a pull load of top coat and apply in one or two stroke the max.

Finishing Work: Super Simple But Adorable

Polka Dots Nail 1:

Polka Dots Nail Design 1Polka Dots Nail Design 1Polka Dots Nail Design 1Polka Dots Nail Design 1

Polka Dots Nail 2:

Polka Dots Nail Design 2Polka Dots Nail Design 2

Polka Dots Nail 3:

Polka Dots Nail Design 3Polka Dots Nail Design 3Polka Dots Nail Design 3Polka Dots Nail Design 3Polka Dots Nail Design 3

Polka Dots Toe 1:

Polka Dots Toe Nails 1

Polka Dots Toe 2:

Polka Dots Toe Nails 2

Polka Dots Toe 3:

Polka Dots Toe Nails 3Polka Dots Toe Nails 3a

Tools That Can Help For This Design:

Nail Tools SetDotting ToolDotting Tool Close UpDotting Tool Close Up

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  1. cyndiz says:

    hey there! Saw your diy posts from HuDie and here I am, love your nails, super cute!

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