Konad Nail Plates Storage Tutorial

March 30th, 2011

My nail stamping is really becoming an addiction especially in the collecting of plates department. So to store and organize the plates in a more professional way, I came up with a brand new plate storage idea so i can display and keep the plates separate from each other. This will allow easy browsing and convenience at use while I am trying to do DIY nails.

Protection is key. These nail plates have very shallow and detail design images engrave into the metal. These images should be protected because even storing them against each other can created scratches and ruin the images. Designing my own plates holder not only is easy and it also can be more cost effective, not to mention I always enjoy the fun and creative process while turning ideas into actual product.

This project does not require sewing or complicated method. The idea is simple, we are going to use the weaving technique to thread ribbons across the plastic pages separating the plastic page into individual pockets to hold each plate safely. I am doing a total of 3 columns straight down the page and 4 rolls across. This will allow me to store 12 plates separately on one single plastic sheet.

Of course, I could have easily purchase pre-made small pockets plastic pages or even card holder book like the other blogger. But if I can use the materials I have at home to create tools that can help me, it’s a win-win situation. I don’t waste any extra cash to buy extra stuff and I can make it look fancy so it fits my style. I believe in recycle and saving the earth little by little, hopefully through my work somehow can help spread the message.

Let’s take a look and see how to make this nail plates display sheet.

Material needed:
Plastic A4 size storage sheets
Different color decorative ribbons
Hot glue / Super glue
Cutter & Ruler
Light color marker

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Step 1: Lay out the potential design pattern

Lay the transparent plastic sheet on a stripe wrapping paper and then place the nail design plates evenly on the sheet. This will help you determine how to spread the plates in between reasonable space.

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Step 2: Draw the weaving lines with light marker

Use the bottom stripe wrapping paper as guide line and draw breaking lines for the weaving later. I use a light pink breast cancer awareness marker because it is easy to cover or wipe off with nail polish remover if i make a mistake.

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Step 3: Make duplicate copy for other plastic sheets

After you get that perfectly draw out sheet of plastic storage cover, use that as the guide line and duplicate the image onto other clear plastic sheets one by one.

Step 4: Use cutter to create pockets for ribbon

Use a ruler and a sharp box cutter, make a straight cut on every CM across the sheet. This will create a space allowing us to weave the ribbon up and down along the line and creating mini-pockets in our plastic storage sheet. Remember to cut a window on the top pf each pocket to allow the plates to go in (Insert a thick plastic cardboard in the middle to avoid cutting the bottom layer, the window just need to be on one side).

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Step 5: Start weaving the ribbon in and out

Weave the color ribbon up and down all the way across the line to create individual pockets for holding the nail plates.  Bend a paper clip as a guiding tool to hook ribbon’s end, this will help make the weaving process a little easier.

Step 6: Weaving is fun

Start from one side to the other, weave the color ribbon into each pre-cut slot. Make sure the lines are straight and parallel against each other. Add tiny ribbon bows and other decorations as you like. You can dress up the plate organizer however you want.

Step 7: Hot glue the end

Plug in the hot glue gun and heat it up, cut the ribbon end and add a drop of hot glue to keep them in place.

Step 8: Insert plates into the pockets

Peel off the protective plastic cover on each nail plate. Insert the plate into these individual pockets. It will protect the surface of our plates and allow clear display of the design.

Step 9: Make more organizer sheets

I make 2 more plastic storage sheet for all my nail plates using different color ribbons.

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5 Responses to “Konad Nail Plates Storage Tutorial”

  1. Riechan says:

    What a great idea!! That isn’t only useful for plates but also for so much other stuff! Thanks!!

  2. Miyuki says:

    Hi.. How did you put thos plates in ?
    I’m not american and I don’t understand too much English .. 🙁

  3. Stephany says:

    I love love love your idea! So creative and yet unique from all of the other bloggers. I’m going to make it tonight 🙂

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