Butterfly Nail Design Tutorial

April 1st, 2011

This is another simple but time saving nail creation using my favorite nail stamping set. The design idea is simple but the result is professional, elegant and definitely hard to achieve with just free hand drawing.

It took me only 30 minutes to finish this set of design. Nail stamping set is defiantly encouraged for this tutorial. Other basic supplies I will need include nail polish , base coat, top coat, black and white Konad special nail polish, nail plate # 57, 59 & 21.

Using a very light pink color nail polish as background. This will give the whole set a very elegant look and definitely a girly touch. I want this design to have some contrast so I choose both black and white as my stamping image’s color.

Mixing too many color might make the design look very busy so I suggest choosing simple images. My rules are pretty simple, I am going to pick a large stamping image to cover all my nails first. The plate I purchased recently (#57) is perfect for this job. I am choosing the one that look like lace fabric as my base image. On top of that, I’ve chosen a detail butterfly print to go on certain nails as accent.

So the focal point of my design is definitely the butterflies going in and out from my nail set. The accent nails are almost like a painting. The nail stamps creates a very detail and professional images and i can go as many layer as I want. The image will always come out the same as long as I make sure i put enough nail polish on the plate before scraping off the excess.

I am a perfectionist so I did redo a couple nail all over because I wasn’t too happy about the outcome. That’s another reason why I love the stamps. I know my own drawing definitely can’t compete with the stamping images. Imagine the time I will spend on drawing and still I probably have to re-do it a lot more depending on how the drawing turn out. I can just see the images on the right hand is going to be the biggest problem.

In conclusion, this was a challenging but super creative project. The most awesome part is, there is really no skill required. If you a the nail set, you can achieve the same gorgeous result.

Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: Ridge filler

I am a big fan of this Ulta ridge filler now because it drys super fast.

Step 2: Base color

My base color is Sally Hanson Hard As Nails Hard As Wraps. 2 layers of this give us a rich background to work with.

Step 3: Practice Practice Practice

Get some design ideas by trying different thing in different color. Stamping makes playing around with the design and color choice super easy. You can even try to stamp the design on a sheet of white paper before putting it on the nail and see what is the est combination. I am using Konad brand special polish this time and the result are super sharp and clear.

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Step 4: Base image

I have chosen the net image on plate # 57 as my background image. It kinda look like a piece of lace fabric. I added an elegant lace trim at the top of the thumb, middle finger and pinkie on each hand to give it a fancier look. I have chosen white because it can blend in with the pink base color easily.

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Step 5: Position the main image

I love this detail butterfly image on plate # 70 so I decided to make this my focal point. Position the largest image on the nail first and try to make it random looking. I choose black color because it will stand out from the white background image.

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Step 6: Re-do if needed

If you are not happy about the result, simply wipe off the whole nail and start over.

Step 7: Add supporting image

After you are satisfy with the key image, add side image to enrich the whole design and make a story. I added branches and flowers to make the picture more complete.

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Step 8: Remove the excess

Use a q-tip with nail polish remover to wipe off excess image that got stamp onto the skin.

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Step 9: Top coat

Use any brand top coat but be careful. Less dragging means less mess.

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Enjoy the beautiful result:

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