Altering, Cutting, and Redesigning Old Clothes

October 29th, 2010

I started doing fashion design because there were too many old clothes taking up my closet space. I was not wearing these outfits but I also didn’t want to throw them away. Some of them were not fitting right or just outdated, a simple and easy update can change the whole look of the outfit. Try it with your old clothes.

The number one rule in altering is the clothes can only be shorter and smaller, so be ready for a sexier style.


A piece of clothing to be more fitting can change the entire look of it. Have you ever felt like you can’t find any clothes that fits you perfectly? Mass manufacturing is not meant for an individual with a different body type and shape. Why not make it fit better by altering the waist or back? You will look better, feel sexier, and be surprised how a few little changes can make it look like a brand new outfit.

Most shirts already have seams that you can use as guide to take in a little. You don’t want to go too crazy in the beginning and take it in too much, or else you’ll have to do correcting. Take it in a quarter inch at a time, try the shirt on and see how it fits, then determine if you need to take in more. This way you’ll get the best fit possible and it’ll help guide you for your next alteration.


Try practicing with your old clothes. T-shirts are a good way to get started. Recently, Ed Hardy started the trend of cutting them and making it into stylish, cool looking tops. It is really not that difficult to do. Cut the excess parts off and shape it however you want. The material is stretchable by nature so don’t be afraid; a mistake might turn into a new style. If you fail, move on and try it again, it’s just an old t-shirt! You can still wear it at home, nobody needs to see it.


Redesigning is making an old outfit into something totally different. Once you are comfortable with altering and cutting, you can start a more complex designs. Long skirts and jeans are good starting materials. You can change them into medium length skirts, shorts, or mini skirts. Glue or sew on some ruffle, lace, fur, or bling, you don’t need to go overboard because sometimes simple is best.

The idea is being creative and reusing your existing resources and stuff you can easily find in your own home. If you are altering your old clothes, not only you are saving money, but you are fully utilizing the existing resources in your closet. You are also expending your wardrobe in the same time.

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