Boots Standing Insert Tutorial

November 16th, 2010

There are a lot of products on the market right now selling boots stands or inserts. I can guarantee you my DIY one is the easiest, cheapest and just as effective as the store bought ones. So why spend more money when you can do this yourself for free?

Finishing Result

This project tackle the problem of medium and high boot not being able to stand on their own. A lot of my boots are either fabric or soft leather and currently display under my clothes rack inside the walk in closet. The only problem is i have them all laying out but they look so floppy when they are all leaning or folding to one or another. I have a couple of them are ruin because the way they are laying around unattended like that.

In order to solve that problem, a simple but effective way is to make them stand up properly. A firm and support in the middle of the boots will allow the shoe to maintain it’s own shape and prevent unnecessary fold mark on the leather. As you may know, i hate to store my things in a box so this is the perfect way to display and keep everything organize.

The material you need are the left over part of your daily household items. For the stand we’ll need the card board part of your paper towel or foil or parchment paper roll. They are usually long enough to support knee height boots. For higher boots we will need to cut the middle part of gift wrapping paper. Just go to the dollar store and pick up a couple, after you take the middle part out you can free roll the wrapping paper together save them for later use.

For decoration purpose, you can cover the stands with almost anything. What i will be using is foil paper, but you can choose fancier material like wrapping paper or even pretty fabric to dress it up. Just make sure you use the right glue to bond them together. Wood glue work best for foil cover while paper glue is good for wrapping paper and fabric glue should be used for cloth like materials.

Once you finish the project, allow enough time for it to air dry before use it. The last thing you want is yucky glue all over the inside of your expensive Jimmy Choo boots. Just insert one to two shoe stand to keep the boots standing and it also help maintain the shape and prevent unnecessary damage.

Step 1

Prepare the materials: Cardboard roll and foil paper

Boot Stands Materials

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Step 2

Measure the size of the cover, make sure you have enough to cover the whole roll

Make Sure The Size Is Right

Step 3

Use wood glue for the starting edge to bond foil to cardboard roll

Glue The Edge To The Roll

Step 4

Put a little glue at the end of the foil paper to help them stay in shape

Glue the Ends

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Step 5

Allow enough time to dry then it’s ready for use

Allow To Dry

Step 6

Depending on the width of the boot, insert enough rolls to keep them standing and maintain good shape

Insert As Needed

Now every pair of your boots can look perfect as display and it also help prevent damages cause by necessary folding or stress for the leather and clothes material on your shoe. For shorter boots you can consider using contact lens solutions bottles.

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