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March 6th, 2011

Before I discover the online deco-den material stores I am already interested in this subject. I purchased a lot of material while i was traveling in Hong Kong and Japan. The variety for these decoration products is a huge market and is super easy to find and prices are extremely low especially in Hong Kong.

Once I came back to the States I decided to start searching for deco-den materials. A few local craft stores and supermarkets are great places to look for different plastic decoration parts and rhinestones. I purchased most of the items in those craft stores and dollar shop. Prices are very reasonable but I believe they are much cheaper in China because they are mostly imported from and made there.

DIY Earrings

The search started a couple years ago and I can proudly say now I found most of my supplies in these few shops. From fashion design to home remodel projects, any time I needed any materials, these are always my GO-TO stores. While this is not the same as shopping in my own country, this is the closest I can get to low prices supplies.

Local store (In Florida) that sell similar Deco-den parts & materials or substitution.

1. Jo-Ann

Besides the massive variety fabric choices, Jo-Ann is also famous for their art and craft supplies. A lot of small clothing accessories like buttons, trims, lace, and ribbons. They also sell small parts and rhinestones in their scrap-booking department. These are all my favorite things to use for my glamorous DIY deco-den projects.

2. Michael’s

Very similar to Jo-Ann but with even more choices for small decorations. They do have more different variety button packages and household decorative items likes boxes and floral arrangements.

3. Walmart

Cheap prices plus have lots of variety products around crafting and DIY projects. Still sell most cloth making material except for fabric. Small parts and accessories are available in the lowest price in town.

4. Home Depot

Mostly sell household tools and items for home projects. You can easily find different types of glue for different projects, including the deco-den use epoxy glue in this shop. Their prices might be a little bit higher than other stores, but you will definitely find what you need in there. I also found 100% silicone for my future deco-den project there.

5. Dollar Store

A super cheap retail store for almost everything you want. They have a good amount of DIY and crafting materials like gift wrapping paper, pom poms, toys, accessory boxes, plastic storage units and make up.

6. Target

Target has a $1 section in every single store selling cheap and small house supplies, crafting and kid’s toy area. Most of these items are from China and sometime I can find colorful ribbons, stationary, organizer and storage units. Prices are wonderful but you just gotta check for new stocks regularly in order to get the right stuff.

7. Amazon

Amazon offer different variety decoden tools and materials like cabochons, glue, silicone, crystal and pearls…etc. If you want to purchase already decorated cell pone cases, lot of seller on the site provide different style and affordable pricing too. One thing I love about Amazon is they have no sales tax and shipping is very fast and reliable. Product return is a very easy process as well so  you can relax and just shop online for almost

[amazon_enhanced asin=”B003B42WR6″ show_border=”false” price=”All” background_color=”FFFFFF” link_color=”E632ED” text_color=”0000FF” /]

Items that I purchased from these stores:

Cute Buttons Package: $2.29/per pack for about 10 different designs

Buttons From Jo-Ann & Michael'sButtons From Jo-Ann & Michael'sButtons From Jo-Ann & Michael'sButtons From Jo-AnnButtons From Michael'sButtons From Jo-Ann & Michael'sButtons From Jo-Ann & Michael'sButtons From Jo-Ann & Michael'sButtons From Jo-Ann & Michael'sButtons From Jo-Ann & Michael's

Glue: Epoxy Glue (2 individual bottles) $14.99 total. Drys clear and super strong. Perfect for deco-den projects.

Glue From Home Depot

[amazon_enhanced asin=”B0044F59N0″ show_border=”false” price=”All” background_color=”FFFFFF” link_color=”E632ED” text_color=”0000FF” /]

Blings Package: One color or multi color rhinestones box set $6.99/per box.

Bling Rhinestones From Jo-AnnMulti-color Rhinestones From Jo-AnnMulti-color Rhinestones From Jo-Ann

Hello Kitty plastic parts: Purchase from Sanrio store $6-10/per set

Hello Kitty Deco-den Materials From Sanrio Store

Pearls and beads: $1-4 per pack from any craft store

Pearls & Plastic Parts From Jo-Ann & Michael's

Beads chains: $2.99 per roll for about 1 meter

Chain Of Beads From Jo-AnnChain Of Beads From Jo-AnnChain Of Beads From Garage Sale

Here’s the other material i purchased from the stores in USA:

Plastic Parts From Dollar StorePlastic Parts From WalmartMaterials From Jo-Ann & Michael'sRibbons From TargetRibbons From TargetFelt Pieces With Adhesiva From Michael's

Silicone From Home DepotMaterials From Dollar StoreMaterial From Jo-Ann & Michael'sRibbon Materials From Jo-Ann & WalmartLace Materials From Jo-Ann & WalmartMaterials From Jo-Ann & WalmartBling With Adhesive From Jo-Ann

Here’s the other material i purchased from the stores in Hong Kong & Japan:

Bling With Adhesive From Hong KongBling With Adhesive From Hong KongBling With Adhesive From Hong KongBling With Adhesive From Hong KongBling With Adhesive From Hong Kong

[amazon_enhanced asin=”B001C207FI” show_border=”false” price=”All” background_color=”FFFFFF” link_color=”E632ED” text_color=”0000FF” /]

My Bling Station:

My Bling StationMy Bling StationMy Bling Station

My Finish Deco-Den Projects:

Plastic Earrings Using Deco-den PartsFinishing Look For Card HolderFinishing Look For Card HolderIpod Nano Bling ProjectCell Phone Bling ProjectCell Phone Bling ProjectCell Phone Bling ProjectCalculator Bling ProjectCell Phone Bling Project

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10 Responses to “Basic Deco-den Materials & Product Gallery”

  1. Riechan says:

    Lovely blog!
    Would you mind if I link your posts about deco-den on my site: all about deco?
    It’s sort of a big source with lot’s of links to all kinds of tutorials and blogs and such.

    • pinkydoll says:

      Of Course i don’t mind , that sounds like a wonderful idea!

      I am also working on more review posts for online deco-den materials store. Hopefully these info can help others choosing the right place to shop.

      If you don’t mind, can you please send me a link coz i would love to check it out once it’s up.

  2. Candyforyourskull says:

    You don’t make any pieces yourself? im looking for a place that tells how to make the little pieces .. do you know any?

    • pinkydoll says:

      I think buying the material is a cheaper and quicker options for me, i did purchased the clay but it is still sitting there, maybe one day i will try to make my own pieces.

  3. Juliet1688 says:

    Love all the bits you brought. Where in Hk did you go to get your decoden stuff? x

  4. Taryn says:

    What stores in hong kong are the best? I’m visiting soon, but I have only been there over 10 years ago. I want to buy more resin pieces, and hello kitty pieces. Thanks!

    • pinkydoll says:

      HK’s small shop malls will have those deco pieces for sale. they are everywhere, i saw a couple different store in different malls all over the place, but not sure about the exact address… those shops are usually really small tot~ gotta pay attentions
      I still prefer to shop online, prices are actually very reasonable.

  5. Ketsia says:

    Can you post any links where i could order some deco supplies for phones?

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